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First International Conference on the Evolution and Development of the Universe. Paris, 8-9 Oct 2008



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Welcome to the online submission system of EDU-2008!


Abstracts and papers considering evolutionary or developmental aspects of the universe and its subsystems are welcome in areas including: cosmology, biology, complexity theory, nonlinear mathematics, information theory, computer science, systems theory, philosophy, culture studies, and related disciplines. Please review General Questions and Research Themes to understand the scope and focus of the EDU community. Papers are significantly more likely to be accepted if they clearly address one or more of these questions and themes. See the Conference page for other questions or details.

There are two format options for initial submission to the scientific community, to be considered for conference presentation: Extended Abstract or full Paper.

  • Submission Options:

Extended Abstracts are 500-1000 words (with brief References, not included in word count).
Papers are 5000-15000 words, with a brief (100-500 word) Abstract and References (both not included in word count).

Abstracnts and papers submitted by the normal deadline (July 30) will be notified by August 15th whether they are accepted. If your abstract/paper is accepted, you will have until September 29th to write the paper (abstract accepted) or do any recommended improvements (paper accepted). All those who are accepted are expected to attend the conference to present their papers and to receive in-person feedback. There are no conference fees for presenters, but travel and lodging costs (a conference hotel is available) are your own.

  • Paper Layout

Authors should follow the guidelines of the journal Foundations of Science available at:

  • Instructions for:
  1. Authors As an author, you can submit an abstract or a paper, using the abstract submission interface (or Menu: Authors > Submit an abstract). This will provide you with a Paper Number (eg, 62) and Password. Save these, as they must be used in the paper submission interface (or Menu: Authors > Upload a paper) to upload the file (.doc or .pdf) of your paper. You may use these to logins to update your abstract or paper until the final deadline. If there are conflicting dates or instructions, the conference page settles the disagreement. If there are questions, contact Clément Vidal if you need further clarification.
  2. Reviewers As a reviewer, you can access the reviewing interface, download your papers, submit and update your reviews. You should have received your login ID and password by email. If not, please contact Clément Vidal.

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