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John M. Smart
John M. Smart is an evolutionary developmental systems theorist and professor of technology foresight, specializing in understanding drivers, implications, and limits of accelerating scientific and technological change. As a systems theorist, he is co-founder of the Evo Devo Universe research community, an international community of scholars exploring evolutionary and developmental processes of change at the universal and subsystem scales, and a member of the ECCO research group at VUB. He studied systems theory at UCSD under the mentorship of James Grier Miller (Living Systems, 1978), who mentored under process philosopher Alfred North Whitehead. Dr. Miller encouraged John to pursue multi-scale studies in evolution, development, and accelerating change from a comparative systems perspective.

John is CEO of Foresight University, a professional foresight learning and development community, and president of the Acceleration Studies Foundation (Los Gatos, CA) a nonprofit technology foresight research organization. He is a lecturer on leadership and technological change at the Naval Postgraduate School, and has authored several next-gen IT foresight studies, including the Metaverse Roadmap, and Open Internet TV, and is a technical advisor to NextIT, a global leader in interactive virtual assistant (IVA) platforms.

John has a B.S. in business administration from UC Berkeley, an M.S.-equivalency in physiology and medicine (two years of medical school and the USMLE-I) from UC San Diego School of Medicine, and an M.S. in futures studies from the University of Houston, and has done additional nondegree studies in biological, cognitive, computer, and physical sciences at UCLA, UC Berkeley, and UC San Diego. His personal website is and blog is

Email: johnsmart-at-acceleration-dot-org Twitter