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We haven't picked the topic of our next EDU conference. To start a conference we need a volunteer conference organizer, a small organizing committee, and a technical committee of at least three EDU or external scholars publishing in the proposed conference topic. Any EDU member is free to run an EDU conference. Our next conference will likely be done as a satellite meeting attached to a larger annual meeting in a more established academic discipline. The European Conference on Complex Systems, and various Astrobiology, Complexity Sciences, Evolution, and Physics conferences are potential colocation hosts.

Themes we've considered for our next conference include:

  • Acceleration (Informationalization, Densification, Dematerialization, STEM compression)
  • Astrobiology, Astrosociology, Astrotechnology
  • Computational Complexity
  • Cosmic Convergent Evolution
  • Cosmological Natural Selection with Intelligence
  • Evolutionary Developmental Systems Theory
  • Free Energy Rate Density
  • High Energy Astrobiology
  • Metasystem Transitions
  • Science of Performance Curves

See our Ongoing Research Questions page for other ideas for future EDU conferences.

If you are a scholar publishing on any EDU Research Themes, and would like to help put together our next conference, please join the EDU-Talk listserve, and email Clement Vidal with your proposal, thanks!