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Our next conference is Evolution, Development, and Complexity 2017, a one-day satellite conference, 20 Sept 2017. It is part of the Conference on Complex Systems 2017, 17-22 Sept, in Cancun, Mexico.

Join us at CCS17! See our Call for Papers to submit an abstract and paper for this event.

Any EDU member may start a conference, by recruiting a technical committee of at least three EDU or external scholars publishing in the proposed conference topic, and colocating as a satellite meeting at a larger academic conference that is related to our research themes. Various Complexity Sciences, Information Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Astrobiology, Evolution, Sociology, Technology, Systems Science and Philosophy conferences are potential colocation hosts.

See our Conference themes page for ideas for future EDU conferences.

If you are a scholar publishing on any EDU research themes, and would like to help put together our next conference, please join the EDU-Talk listserve, and email Clement Vidal with your proposal, thanks!