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Page Agenda

  1. Copy in Wikipedia page stub: (done)
  2. Fix link issues, migrate over and link to pictures
  3. Add a Reflist template Template:Reflist to our wiki, so we can link to references wikipedia style
  4. Add Stan Salthe's new examples and updates from his article, and cite each of them in references.
  5. Add McGhee's new examples and updates, McGhee, G.R. (2011) Convergent Evolution: Limited Forms Most Beautiful, MIT Press, and cite him.
  6. Add Kevin Kelly's technology examples in What Technology Wants, 2010. Cite him.
  7. Add John Smart's examples:
  8. Add Simon Conway Morris's examples, Life's Solution, 2005.
  9. Add Cohen and Stewart's examples, Figments of Reality, 1997.
  10. Add Sanderson's examples, Homoplasy: The Recurrence of Similarity in Evolution, 1996.
  11. Look at Connie Barlow's examples, and cite her if we use any.
  12. Google "convergent evolution examples". Look for more.
  13. Make a Bibliography of classic books (those above, others) that have sections on convergence/homology.
  14. Getting good references for all these examples will be challenging, but very valuable!