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Two listserves (electronic mailing lists) are presently in use by the EDU Community. Both are on the Google Groups platform, which offers threaded discussions and advanced archival search.

We warmly welcome you to join either or both listserves below as your informational and scholarship interests allow.

1. EDU-Notices

EDU-Notices is a public, low-volume (less than five posts per year), announcements-only list to receive occasional updates on the EDU community (conference, publications, wiki, listserve activities) and to share important notices of global events, publications, and resources related to EDU Research Themes. Anyone may join EDU-Notices (join link), and any member can post a notice, but all notices are subject to moderator approval. Member names and emails on this list remain private (are not accessible to other members).

2. EDU-Talk

EDU-Talk is an international, interdisciplinary discussion list aimed at cosmologists, physicists, biologists, cognitive and social scientists, computer scientists and technology scholars, philosophers, systems theorists, complexity theorists and other scholars interested in exploring and critiquing models, hypotheses, questions, and speculations relating to evolutionary, informational-computational, and developmental ('evo, info, and devo') processes of change, in the universe and its subsystems. We also use this list to discuss EDU conference, journal, wiki, and community activities.

If you wish to know how the list is moderated or are already subscribed, you might want to read the introduction and posting rules

  • (2) If you don't meet the criteria in (1), you can apply to a read-only subscription.