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Andrei Kirilyuk, Dr., Institute of Metal Physics, Kiev, Ukraine

Complex-Dynamic Cosmology and Emergent World Structure (Evo Devo Universe 2008)

Universe structure emerges in the unreduced, complex-dynamic interaction process with the simplest initial configuration (two attracting homogeneous media). The unreduced interaction analysis avoiding any perturbative model gives intrinsically creative cosmology describing the real, explicitly emerging world structure with dynamic randomness on each scale. Without imposing any postulates or additional entities, we obtain physically real, three-dimensional space, irreversibly flowing time, elementary particles with their detailed structure and intrinsic properties, causally complete and unified version of quantum and relativistic behaviour, origin and number of naturally unified interaction forces, classical behaviour emergence in a closed system and true quantum chaos. Major problems of usual cosmology and astrophysics are solved in this extended approach, including those of quantum cosmology and gravity, entropy growth and time arrow, “hierarchy” of elementary particles (Planckian unit values), “anthropic” difficulties, Big Bang contradictions, and “missing” (“dark”) mass and energy. Universality of the proposed theory is expressed by the symmetry (conservation) of complexity providing the unified, irregular, but exact (never “broken”) Order of the World that underlies all universe structures, phenomena and laws.