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Best practices for an efficient research community

Some tips on working with us in the EDU research community.

  • How can I recommend a website, propose a research question, or share findings with the EDU community?

Sign in to this EDU wiki with your real name. EDU Researchers listed on the People page may add Questions and Research summary pages for the community. Please do not edit the Home, People, or Project pages. For more information on ways to help us build the community please visit the People page.

  • OK, but what is this wiki syntax?

The wiki syntax is the same as the one used by the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. It is simple and straightforward, you can learn the basics in a few minutes. This means that once you will have learned the syntax, you will be able to edit both this EDU website and Wikipedia. For guidelines, you can consult:

  • How can I convert HTML code into Wiki code?

Go to: [1]

  • How can I manage and share my bibliographical materials?

We recommend a new free bibliographic management tool called Zotero which allows you to import references directly from the web (from Google Scholar, Amazon, etc.). It has many other features. EDU members also have access to a shared private bibliographical database with 250+ references.

  • How can I co-author a paper?

Google Docs is an online word processor allowing up to 50 people to edit a document at the same time. A complete history of modifications is kept. Spreadsheets and presentations are also supported.

  • I am receiving EDU Talk posts by email, but I can't access the EDU Talk archive or papers (to post my paper). What is wrong?

You need to sign up for a free Google account BEFORE you can access EDU Talk on the web. If you already have a Gmail account you automatically have a Google account. If you don’t want a Gmail webmail account, you still need a basic Google account to access EDU Talk. Here's how to get EITHER a Gmail account OR a basic (no webmail) Google account:

  • Contacting Others in the EDU Community

Two EDU listserves (EDU-Talk and EDU-Notices) are available. Please do not send unsolicited group emails to EDU members on the People page. Thank you.