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Second International Conference on the

Evolution and Development of the Universe

EDU 2011 Theme:

=== Complexity Transitions in Big History: Transition Definitions, Growth Curve Hypotheses, and Future Scenarios ===

Purposes: 1. Explore a Variety of Complexity Transition Definitions: Thermodynamic, Informational-Computational, Evolutionary, Developmental, Integrative, and Systemic 2. Associate these Definitions with a Variety of Growth Curve Hypotheses: Superexponential, Exponential, Logistic, and Other 3. Consider A Range of Transition and Growth Curve Scenarios for the Future of Technological Innovation and Sustainability.

We will seek out and network transition scholars, periodization, and acceleration, multi-level evolution and development scholars, world system modelers, and their critics. Scholars who approach evolutionary transitions from thermodynamic, informational-computational, evolutionary, developmental, integrative, and systemic perspectives are particularly desired. We will seek to compare logistic, exponential, and superexponential models arising from a variety of complexity transition definitions, and explore a range of scenarios these models propose for the future of innovation and sustainability.

Location: Europe, (specific venue TBD).

We are presently developing a preliminary proposal to host EDU 2011 at the Lorentz Center at Leiden University in the Netherlands. We are also considering the Free University of Brussels (VUB) in Belgium, and venues in London, United Kingdom and in Paris, France. We expect to know by mid-2010 which of these venues will host EDU 2011.

If you have an interest in working on the EDU 2011 conference development committee, sponsoring the event, or providing other assistance, please contact Clément Vidal and/or John Smart.