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To apply to join the EDU-Talk list community, please complete the following brief questions and submit them by email to [mailto:clement.vidal@philosophons.com Clement Vidal].
Thank you for your patience in allowing a few days for your submission to be processed. If your submission is accepted, you will be subscribed and receive a "Welcome to EDU-Talk" message at your email address. From that moment on, you will be able to post to the mailing list with your questions or comments.
Privacy Notice: The form you fill in below will also be distributed on the mailing list as a New Member Introduction, to introduce you to other members of the community. Your information is always confidential to the group, which follows the Chatham House Rule with respect to non-attribution of the source of discussion, and nondisclosure of group members or their affiliation without explicit consent.
    * Name:
    * Email address:
      (important: write the exact address where you would like to receive EDU messages, and from which you are likely to send messages to the list. You cannot send and receive at two different addresses)
    * URL of your home page:
    * Affiliations:
    * How did you hear about the Evo-Devo Universe?
    * Please take at least one screen to describe your interest and ideas with respect to any of the EDU themes. If you have written documents about this subject, please include the references (URL or bibliographical):

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