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Our free, nonprofit, grant-funded EDU community presently numbers about 50 scholars.

The listserve exists for sharing interesting papers and discussion in these areas. To join (lurkers are welcome, just joining will be very meaningful to others on the list) you can find our brief join questionnaire here: You can configure your settings to receive individual, daily digest, or no email from the list. We hope you can find time to join, and to participate, at least very occasionally, in the often lively discussions there.

Besides the listserve, other optional aspects of our community you might find interesting are listed below.

1. EDU 2012. Consider attending and presenting a paper, poster, or tutorial at our next conference, EDU 2012 ( listserve will keep you up to date on that.

2. Endorsement. To help us with granting agencies, please consider publicly endorsing EDU by listing yourself on our People page: Please provide a short sentence on your research interests, in the same format and length as exist on the page.

3. Bibliography. On our public bibliography page, consider listing up to five papers. Just send us the paper titles, and ideally a link to a public access archive of the paper. We also have a free private paper-sharing bibliography for listserve members, using Zotero 2.0 and a private server. It has currently approximately 250 papers of particular interest in EDU themes.

4. Collaborations. Once you have joined EDU, feel free to contact any of the scholars presently in the community, either through EDU-Talk listserve or by private email. Aiding research collaborations is a major goal of our community. Let us know if you need emails for any EDU scholar which are not publicly listed.

5. Wiki Editing. Our wiki uses the same software (MediaWiki) as Wikipedia. All EDU scholars are free to edit the wiki, create pages on their research interests, expand existing pages, etc. Simply create an account on the wiki using your real name, not an online pseudonym, and then login using your realname account to edit.

6. Other Scholars. If there are other researchers or students who may be interested in an invitation to the EDU community, please let us know their names and we will invite them, or invite them yourself with a link to this page.

We sincerely hope you can join our community and thereby advance the evolutionary-development of our universe!