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There are presently two listserves (electronic mailing lists) for the EDU Community. We welcome you to join either or both as your informational and scholarship interests allow.


A public, low-volume, announcements-only list (member list remains private) to receive occasional updates on the EDU community (conference, publications, wiki, listserve activities) and to share important notices of global events, publications, and resources related to EDU Research Themes. Any member can post a notice, but all notices are subject to moderator approval. Anyone may join this list.


An international, interdisciplinary discussion list for cosmologists, biologists, philosophers, complexity theorists and other scholars interested in exploring and critiquing models, hypotheses, questions, and speculations relating to the evolution and development of the universe as a system. We also use this list to discuss EDU conference, journal, wiki, and community activities.

There are minimal scholarship and research relevancy requirements for joining this list. Please complete the brief EDU-Talk subscription form if you wish to apply to this list.