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Louis Crane

Crane, L. 2009. Possible Implications of the Quantum Theory of Gravity: An Introduction to the Meduso-Anthropic Principle. Foundations of Science Preprint 1994, no. Special Issue of the Conference on the Evolution and Development of the Universe (EDU-2008). In press. http://evodevouniverse.com/EDU2008Papers/CranePossibleImplicationsQuantumGravityEDU2008.pdf.

Abstract: We consider the implications of some simple assumptions about the nature of the quantum theory of gravity which are plausible for a class of possible theories I have been attempting to construct. The simple assumptions turn out to have surprisingly wide implications of a type one might call philosophical. The paper is short and nontechnical. ( This builds on recent unpublished work of Lee Smolin, but comes to opposite conclusions).

P.S.: We decided not to peer-review this pre-print, since it was for a long time on the arXiv non published, and since people already referred to it "as it is now". We thus think it has a good value as it is, and which can be enriched by Open Peer Commentary.