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Welcome to the Evo Devo Universe Community!

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The underlying paradigm for cosmology is theoretical physics. We explore how it could be extended by including insights from evolutionary developmental biology. In the neo-Darwinian paradigm, adaptive evolutionary development allows the production of ordered and complex structures. More specifically, we can distinguish evolutionary processes which are contingently adaptive and developmental processes which produce systemically statistically predictable structures and megatrajectories internal to the developmental cycle. By analogy with the evolutionary development of two genetically identical twins, would two initially parametrically identical universes each exhibit unpredictably separate and unique evolutionary differentiation over their lifespan, and at the same time, a broad set of predictable developmental milestones and shared structure and function between them? More generally, can we model our universe as an evolutionary developmental system?


  1. To establish an evo devo universe (EDU) community to explore ideas, models, and questions involving evolutionary and developmental processes that may be operating in the universe as a system, which may itself exist within a more extensive cosmologic environment (the multiverse).
  2. To bring together select cosmologists, biologists, complexity theorists, nonlinear mathematicians, systems theorists, information theorists, computer scientists, philosophers, and bridge-building interdisciplinarians who have all addressed dimensions of this inquiry in previous publications.
  3. To identify a larger and multidisciplinary global community of scholars with interest in exploring analogies of the universe as a biological system, and of the universe as an information processing system, and in discriminating potential evolutionary and developmental processes and their interrelationships on either universal or local (macrobiological, planetary) scales.
  4. To conduct a three year inquiry and conference publication series to produce an overview of the domain.
  5. To produce an original PhD inquiry into evo devo universe themes which benefits directly from and is assessed by this community of scholars.
  6. To provide an overview of current thinking on key questions in the evolution and development of the universe as a system.

How can I participate in the project?

There are many ways you can contribute to the Evo Devo Universe (EDU) project.

  • If you are a researcher in cosmology, biology, philosophy, complexity sciences or simply a researcher busy with the same research questions, we will be very glad to welcome you as a member of the community. You can contact John Smart or Clément Vidal.
  • Our first aim is to build an extensive bibliography. We thus welcome bibliographical suggestions relevant to EDU.
  • We welcome financial support and any help or advice related to fundraising.