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Who are we?

The project originated from John Smart and Clément Vidal.

The researchers who have agreed to participate in the project at some level to date (in alpha order by last name):

  • Robin Allott, an author and independent scholar in linguistics, evolutionary psychology, and language-mediated theories of cultural evolution.
  • Steven J. Dick, a historian of science, prolific author, expert on astrobiology and astrosociobiology (cultural implications of astrobiological knowledge).
  • James N. Gardner, a complexity theorist and science essayist, with a background in philosophy and theoretical biology.
  • David Holcman, a mathematician and computational biologist modeling microstructures in biological systems.
  • Laurent Nottale, a comologist and pioneering theorist in scale relativity and fractal space-time.
  • Alain Prochiantz, a neurobiologist and specialist of cerebral morphogenesis and stochastic developmental processes.
  • John Smart, a systems theorist and scholar of accelerating change.
  • Clement Vidal, a philosopher and systems theorist studying evolutionary cosmology.
  • Peter Winiwarter Director of the Bordalier Institute (Boursay, France) exploring a transdisciplinary approach to complex systems and evolution.