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Scientific Committee

  • James N. Gardner, complexity theorist with a background in philosophy and theoretical biology. (Portland, OR, USA)
  • Carlos Gershenson, complexity theorist studying self-organization, evolution, ALife, and cognition. (Boston, MA, USA)
  • Richard Gordon, embryologist and theoretical biologist exploring development, genetics, and evolution. (Manitoba, Canada)
  • Stevan Harnad, cognitive scientist researching on categorization, communication and consciousness.
  • Francis Heylighen, systems theorist and cyberneticist focusing on the evolution of complexity. (Brussels, Belgium)
  • David Holcman, mathematician and computational biologist modeling microstructures in biological systems. (Paris, France)
  • Laurent Nottale, cosmologist and pioneering theorist in scale relativity and fractal space-time. (Paris, France)
  • John Smart, systems theorist and scholar of accelerating change. (Mountain View, CA, USA)
  • Clement Vidal, philosopher and systems theorist studying evolutionary cosmology. (Brussels, Belgium)