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Our Scientific Board helps maintain the quality, impact, and relevance of EDU conference, publication, and community activities. They serve in volunteer capacity at the request of Directors, and there are presently no fixed terms.

  • James N. Gardner, complexity theorist, author, lawyer, scholar in philosophy, and proposer of the selfish biocosm hypothesis.
    Affiliations: Independent Scholar, Portland, OR USA
  • Georgi Georgiev, physicist working on understanding the mechanisms for the measured exponential growth in complexity through time.
    Affiliations: Assistant Professor, Assumption College, Worcester, MA USA
  • Laurent Nottale, cosmologist and pioneering theorist in scale relativity and fractal space-time. (Paris, France)
    Affiliations: Director of Research, CNRS; Researcher, Paris Observatory, Paris, France

Have you done notable peer-reviewed research in topics related to EDU Themes? Are you presently institutionally affiliated? Would you be willing to help us advance our work, on a part-time basis? Please email Clement Vidal about joining our Scientific Board.