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  • '''Mary Ann Allison'''], author and scholar of complexity and evolutionary process in '''sociology''' and '''culture'''. ...t_Model_Community.pdf Gecyberschaft: A Theoretical Model for the Analysis of Emerging Electronic Communities]. ''Diss. Abs. Int.'' 65(11A)4366. UMI 3155
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  • ...rse have engineered their own comprehension. This is a breathtaking vision of nature, magnificent and uplifting in its majestic sweep. I hope it is corre ...t as biology has accepted the unity of the genetic coding apparatus as one of its central dogmas.'' -- '''Freeman Dyson''', ''Infinite in All Directions'
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  • '''Evo Devo Universe''' is a global community of theoretical and applied '''physicists''', '''chemists''', '''geologists''', '''EDU Directors''' do the main work of maintaining and moderating our research and discussion community, on a volu
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  • Below is a current partial list of EDU Research Themes. See also the Special Interest Groups (SIG) below for G * Algorithmic information theory, algorithmic complexity and randomness.
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  • <big><big><big>'''Evolution and Development of the Universe'''</big></big></big><BR> ...g models, hypotheses, and questions relating to the extent and interaction of evolutionary (or quasi-evolutionary) and developmental (or quasi-developmen
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  • ...tion (CNS)''', also known as '''fecund universes''', is a prominent theory of universe evolution, development and reproduction originally proposed by emi ...on_mass_ratio the proton to electron mass ratio] and others) but that some of these parameters, and the laws that derive from them, may be altered in som
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  • '''Personal website'''] - '''Evolutionary Biology of Species and Organizations''' ...s multidisciplinary studies of the evolutionary emergence and interactions of knowledge and organization in hierarchically complex systems from cells to
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  • ...ce'', no. Special Issue of the Conference on the Evolution and Development of the Universe (EDU-2008). In press. [ ...tion acting in the space of scales, and (ii) to a new geometric foundation of quantum mechanics and gauge field theories and their possible generalisatio
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  • ...cience'', Special Issue of the Conference on the Evolution and Development of the Universe (EDU-2008). In press. [ ...ts, primates, echinoderms clades and human ontogeny). The Scale-Relativity Theory has other potential biological applications, from linear with fractal behav
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  • ...ce'', no. Special Issue of the Conference on the Evolution and Development of the Universe (EDU-2008). In press. [ ...tationary and the lifetime of the universe appears constant (a new type of relativity property or scale invariance).
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  • ...heme, most not associated with the EDU community. We'd like to solicit any of these scholars for presentations or tutorials. ==== '''Complexity (General), Philosophy, and Systems Theory''' ====
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  • <big>''Foundations of Science''</big><BR> ...Issue on the [[Conference 2008|Conference on the Evolution and Development of the Universe. ]]'''</big><BR>
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  • ...sed on an almost totally deleted version of the Wikipedia article on scale relativity: ...ale relativity''' is a geometrical and [[fractal]] [[space-time]] physical theory.
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  • '''Personal website''' - '''Evolutionary Biology of Species and Organizations'''] ...ultants and trainers in the area of enterprise architecture, and President of [ Kororoit Institute Proponents and Supporters Associati
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  • This page offers a general systems definition of the phrase "evolutionary development", and an introduction to its applicati This page is an adaptation of a paper published in a Springer Complexity series in 2019. An [https://www.
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