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Tom Gehrels, Professor, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, United States

Foundations of Physics (Evo Devo Universe 2008)

This paper first overviews our universe by using Max Planck’s natural measurement units for length, mass, time and derived units, i.e. the Planck domain. The domain has quantum, relativity, gravity, and atomic physics in unified operation. Unexpected discoveries are thereby made, of a finite mass for our primordial universe and of an exponentially increasing hierarchy of other universes. The hierarchy operates as a trial-and-error evolutionary system, on cosmological time scales, whereby universes survive only when they are nearly flat (near critical mass, such that they do not collapse, or expand too fast). The foundation of our physics lies in that multiverse - the universes have the physics of the Planck domain.

If the theory holds up to further scrutiny, it will show that the unified physics of the Planck domain has an interpretation without anthropic notions and without counter-intuitive results such as parallel universes. Predictions and future work appear throughout the paper and they are assembled at the end.